Holguin, Cuba weather & seasons

Holguin situated on the south-eastern side of Cuba enjoys a warm subtropical climate. This results in hot summers and very, very mild winters. The temperature is moderated by the ever blowing trade wind year round. The year round mild climate only has two different seasons. The summer and winter.

The weather is at it's best at December and January. This makes Holguin a growing tourist destination for europeans and canadians which endure full scale winter weather during this months. For all full overview of the weather in Holguin and the sea-temparatures click here.


During the summer which roughly falls between Mid-March till October expect temperatures of 30ºC and higher. There is a higher risk of rain during the summer, but let the precipitation levels don't make you hesitate to visit Holguin. The showers tend to be very short while brisk and you can expect the sun after every short shower.

The winters 'coldest' months are December and January, coldest is quite a understatement because the overall day temperatures rarely falls below 18ºC. Expect to walk around in shorts and shirt and have very pleasant days at the beach. During this months rainfall is at its minimum.

Hurricane Season
The hurricane season in Holguin falls between August and October. However the possibility of hurricanes the actually problems change to encounter a hurricane is very small. More common are some rainfall throughout the night and the occasional light shower during the day.