Practical information Holguin, Cuba

This page will give you some practical information for travelers to cuba. If you have any question which are not answered here please free to contact us. When you have any question during your stay please feel free to ask Lois.

In cuba there are two currencies Convertible Pesos (CUC) and Cuban Pesos (moneda nacional), this seems a bit complicated but it's not. Cuban Pesos are used for the most basic (read food) purchases done by cubans, their wages are also paid out in Cuban Pesos. As a tourist you are to do expected in all shops, bars, restaurants in CUC. Price lists will reflect this so no calculations are needed. Although it is not illegal to use Cuban Pesos there is no need for using them.

Where to get money
Please be aware that there are no ATM's or banks where you can use you ATM/credit cards, you will need to carry cash with you. Luckily Cuba is a very safe place, theft and robberies are very rare. To get your hand on CUC you need euro's, canadian dollars or british pounds or a creditcard not issued by an US bank. We recommend you to do the following, take half your budget with you in cash and change this at the airport. When you start running out, you can get a cash advance at the airport or at one of the big hotels at the beach.

Cubans have almost no access to internet, so don't expect wifi-spots or internet cafe's around Holguin. But luckily tourists can use Telepunto's for getting online. This are state runned internetcafe's and are placed in the bigger cities. Holguin has one with 3 terminals, so expect a waiting for a terminal for some time (normally 15 minutes).
The charge is 6 CUC an hour.
Etesca Telepunto
cnr Marti & Maceo
Open daily from 08:30 till 19:30

If you have any medical problem, need to go to a hospital please let Lois know. We strongly advise you not to look for help on your own, Lois will take care of it all. Please be aware that you need to pay in cash for medical help and drugs. Prices are generally very low so don't expect to be charged enormous amounts.

In case of an emergency
call 116 for an ambulance or take a can to Hospital Lenin situated Av VI Lenin.

The national police assistance number is 106.

Please contact your local doctor for more information on vaccinations for Cuba, it is not recommended to travel in Cuba without the proper vaccinations.

Cuba has it's own GSM-network (cubacel) which has roaming agreements with all mayor telecom providers, please check with your provider before you go. Also be aware that the costs of calling can be very high. There is no network support for using internet on your phone.