Restaurants & nightlive Holguin, Cuba

Sooner or later we al need to eat, why you can have a very fine breakfast/lunch/dinner at casa villa lois there are other options.


Dishes 2-5 CUC/10:00 till 23:00/cnr Matires & Luz Caballero
Cuba's national seafood chain is the best choice for a cheap shrimp cocktail, don't expect to much for this price. For the main part of the dinner we recommend the grilled fish.

Taberna Pancho
Dishes max 3 CUC/12:00 till 22:00/Av Jorge Dimitrov
A busy cuban place between Hotel Perik and Motel el Bosque, fine for a simple dinner or lunch. Hamburgers, a sausage menu and beer on draft. Nothing will cost you more than 3 CUC, no place for a romantic dinner!

Restaurant 1720
Dishes max 10 CUC/12:30 till 22:30/Frexes btwn Manduley & Miro
One of the more upbeat restaurants of Holguin is placed in a very nice restored mansion. Opinion about the quality vary, also hosts a cigar-shop, a bar, a boutique, car rental and a terrace for nighttime music. The menu is Cuban with paella and chicken stuffed with vegetables. We like its terrace and the nice mojito which the serve!

Quick bites
If you just want to have a quick bite during the day or before/after visiting the bars and clubs of Holguin this comes in handy.

Cafetaria Christal
24H/ground fl, Edifico de Cristal, cnr Manduley & Marti
Affordable chicken based meals, not thrills place. Eat and go.

El parque
From 12:00 till 01:00/8 El parque Libertad e/Frexes y Martí
Standard snack bar dishing up flaccid pizzas, good toasted sandwiches, omelet and fried chicken.

You're in the island of many famous cocktails, so no visit to Cuba an Holguin is complete without some a little bar tour. This are our recommendations.

La Begonia
10:00 till late/Maceo No 176
This big open bar is the place to be in Holguin right at it's major park. Enjoy a decent coffee during the day and order a nice sandwich. At night this open roof bar really comes to live and is a big party of booze, see and be seen, flirting and occassionally live music. Being the most popular bar of Holguin has it's price. This is a popular jineteros hangout, man and woman who are willing to party with you and sometimes even more as long as you pick up the tab. Don't be surprised when you are offered cigars, girls or whatever they think is your thing. Just turn them down polite, the will leave you alone at once. Have a couple of drinks and go to the La Trova later on for a exciting night out.

Bar Terraza
20:00 till 02:00/Frexes btwn Manduley & Miro
Above the restaurant 1720 this is the place to be to go for serious cocktails. A skilled bar team will send you into alcoholic heaven. With regular live music and a splendid look over the Parque Calaxto Garcia this is probably the most exciting drinking spot of Holguin.

Feeling like a young Travolta after a few Cuba Libres? See cubans do what they do best, dance. Don't be shy and work those hips in the following places.

Casa de La Trova
Entrance 1 CUC/22:00 till Late/no.174 e/ Frexes y Martí
Our favorite place, this is cuba at his best. Listen to live music like classic son, boleros, trova. The relaxed atmosphere, the beautiful people....... and don't forget the cocktails! This place is just two door down of cafe La Begonia. The club offers bolero and salsa classes and also hosts occasional conferences on Cuban music and folklore.

Entrance 6 CUC/About 4 km out of Holguin on the way to Las Tunas, be wise take a cab!
If you want to enjoy the cabaret this place is for you. Enjoy the show over some drinks or a dinner while seated in this big theater. After the shows this cabaret transforms in a hot and sexy club where you won't find many tourists.