Shopping Holguin, Cuba

We will be honest, Cuba is no shopping paradise. If  you expects streets filled with boutiques and large outlet stores you are out of luck. You can get all the basics but don't go to Cuba for brand clothes, jewellery and other luxury goods. Other basic goods and food are in good supply in the general stores and souvenirs are no problem.
General store
La Luz de Yara
cnr Frexes & Maceo
8.30am-7pm Monday-Saterday,0830am-noon Sunday
Department store/supermarket with a bakery section right on the Parque Calixto Carcia.
On the left side of Parque Calixtio Carcia there is a market where you can buy amazing handcraft souvenirs for very affordable prices.
Shopping center
On the left side of Parque Calixtio Carcia the Libertad street is the shopping center of Holguin. Here you can find the Tinda El Encato, Tienda Hanoi, Tienda El Encanto. Is those stores you can find basic needs like personal hygiene products, 'luxury foods', electronics and clothing.
At the moment we are working of providing you with more detailed information about shopping in Holguin, we will publish this information in the near future. If you have any question about stores in Holguin don't hesitate to contact us.