Holguin, Cuba Sights & activities

The Loma de la Cruz

Not to miss when you visit Holguin is the hill to the north of the city. The hill which is 261 meters above sea-level was original named "Bayado Hill" but after erecting the first cross (it's the third at this moment) in 1790 it took it's current name "The Loma de la Cruz". The main attraction on this hill is the stunning view from it's top, but it comes at a price. It takes 458 steep steps to get up there. There is also a road to the top, but to take that it no fun ofcourse. It's common to see complete cuba families to go up on sunday afternoon with drinks and snacks. There is also a little restaurant if you after climbing are in need of a cold drink. See some images we shot of the top.

The Parks

Holguin is known as the city of parks. Explore the four central parks and the streets in between and you will see almost everything which makes Holguin the nice city it is. We give you a short description of the four main parks.

Calixto Garcia Park
The second public square of Holguin was created in 1720. Being used primary for celebrations and markets after the Municipal Government in 1878 was situated in La Periquera it became the center of culture in Holguin. In the middle of the parc was in 1916 a statute erected for General Calixto Carcia giving the park it's current name. On the side you find important cultural buildings as The provincial Musuem La Periquera, The Trova House, the Municipal Arts Centre and much more.

San Isidoro Park
Original named the 'Julio Grave de Peralta Park' it was primary build for accessing the San Isidoro Church, the most important church in Holguin. It is also know as the park of flowers because of the wide-spread trade of flowers on and around the park.

San Jose Park
The park which is dominated by the San Jose Church which was the third built public park and has for long had a function as a provisional market.

Marti Park
Marti Park is a relative young park in the south of part of Holguin, it was built in 1915 after the first cemetry of Holguin was moved from here to the outskirts of the city in 1814. At the same time on the bases of the old cemetery the first hospital of Holguin was build in 1849. This hospital called San Juan de Dios is now used as the 'Jesus Menendez' Old peoples home.

Ruben Bravo Park
Better know as the 'Infantile Park'. The last build park of Holguin begun it's life with an military function. After being destroyed by american troops it was use as a playground by the local kids giving it it's present name. Stroll around and you will see children participate in the many activities and music and dance. Nice place to visit on a sunday.

Museums of Holguin

Holguin has several interesting museum, we give a short description of the most important ones.

La Periquera, Museo Provincial de Historia
This building which was used as the government building of the province of Holguin now is a museum dedicated to the history of Holguin and surrounding area. The collection are archeological finds from the Taino Indian. The main attraction is a stone axe head carved in the shape of a man. This is also the symbol of Holguin. There are also exhibits of other periods in the history of Holguin.

Frexes No 198 Map
Open monday-sunday from 08:00 till 17:00
Adult admission fee: 1 CUC

Calixto Garcia Museum-House
located on the east side of the park at the Miro, is a museum dedicated to one of the most famous historical persons, he was actually born in this house. He plays a big role in the Cuba independence war (1868-1898) against the spanish. He was the officer in command of the Oriental (south part) of Cuba during this period. To find out everything about this old warrior hero and well remembered Cuban visit this museum. On display are collections of arms, uniforms and other objects.

Miro No 147 Map
Open monday-sunday from 08:00 till 17:00
Adult admission fee: 1 CUC

Natural Science Museum, Carlos de La Torre
The museum show one of the most important collection of natural sciences of Cuba. You can find stuffed birds, mammals and sponges. The most important collection of polimitas (type of shell endemic from Cuban) in the world.

Maceo No 129 btwn Parques Calixto Carcia & Peralta Map
Open tuesday-saturday 09:00 till 22:00/sunday 09:00 til 09:00
Adult admission fee: 1 CUC

Galeria Holguin
The local art museum and store of Holguin has a broad collection of local art. Especially the painting are in styles which are rarely seen in the western countries.

Manduley No 137 Map
Open tuesday-wednesday 08:00 till 18:00/thursday-dun 08:00-22:00
Adult admission fee: none