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First page of our website, an introduction and some basic information.

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 What is a casa particular?
Information about casa particulars, what is it, how did it start and why should you use it instead of booking a hotelroom.

Why Casa Villa Lois?
Casa Villa Lois is on of the best casa particulares of Holguin, read here why!

Prices + extra services
You can stay at us on a budget. But also Lois can offer you a rang of other services for a small price.

See it for yourself, pictures of the appartment, patio, breakfast and private parking.

We love you to stay with us, here you can make a reservation.

About Holguin
Want to learn more about Holguin? Serveral pages which give you all the tourist information you need:

History of Holguin
Holguin weather & seasons
Sights & activities
Restaurants & nightlive
Getting around
Practical information

Our beach guide to some of the mos beautifull beaches of Cuba, take a look of the photos to get in the mood.

Playa Guardalavaca
Playa Esmeralda
Playa Yuraguanal
Playa Pesquero
Playa Blanca

Get there 
Airline information, how to get to Holguin's Frank Pais international airport (HOG).

Let other people tell you about there stay at Casa Villa Lois, if you want to add own please do so!

We love to hear from you. please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, remark or other. 

About us
Read about us, what we do and why we do it. 

See photos visitors of casa villa lois shared with us of Holguin. 

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